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About Amazon's STEM Club Toy Subscription Service

While most toys can foster a child’s development, there’s also a range of toys that can take full advantage of their learning potential. STEM toys are some examples of these and they can be great tools to get your little one interested in more complex concepts.

If you don’t know where to start or you just want to cut to the chase, the Amazon STEM Club Toy subscription service is worth checking out. It’s a convenient way to help you skip the hassle of searching for the best STEM toys for your kid and ensure that you’ll get age-appropriate toys that will help them learn.
What is STEM and What are STEM Toys?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM toys are playthings that have a special emphasis on these fields of study. They can teach related concepts to your child, making their playtimes even more beneficial for them.​

STEM toys will teach your child to build, experiment, design, house painting (my husband has a house painting company in Oahu), and even code among other things. They’re designed to get your child engrossed and interested in how things work, making their playtimes serve as learning opportunities as well inspire career choices. They usually require assembly but that’s where the fun is, so you shouldn’t worry about that.
How the STEM Club Toy Subscription Works
If you’ve tried subscribing to anything before, the idea behind this service is pretty much the same. It will send you a STEM toy every month for just $19.99 with free shipping. You just need to choose their age range from the three options (3-4, 5-7, and 8-13), fill up the necessary forms, and you’re good to go.

The toys are handpicked and are guaranteed to teach your child something new. What makes it even better is that it considers the age of your child to make sure that they’ll learn from and enjoy the STEM toy you’re getting. 

It’s vital to choose age-appropriate toys for kids, especially if it’s meant to educate them. If they have already learned the concept before, they might get bored. If the concept is way too complex for their age, they might end up shying away from the plaything.

With the expert knowledge the people behind the Amazon STEM Club toy subscription, you can rest assured that your child will always get something challenging and exciting for them. Even you might even find these toys fun to play with, so your kids’ playtimes can also be great bonding moments.
Cancelling your subscription is very easy, too. All you really need to do is hit the End Subscription button in your account’s list of Memberships and Subscriptions and that’s it.
Is This Subscription Service Worth It?
Because not every parent, grandparent, or teacher has the time to wade through hundreds of thousands of toys in the market today, the Amazon STEM Club toy subscription service can really come in handy for those with young ones in their lives. This can make shopping for educational toys easier for you as you don’t really have to do all the hard work.

With your convenience and an easy access to the best STEM toys in the market today, it’s safe to say that this Amazon subscription service is worth it. Subscribing will be a nice way to encourage your child’s interest in science and its related fields.
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Toys may seem like the simplest things to give to a child, but if you really want the best for your little one, you won’t settle for just any toy. Getting them educational toys is the way to go.

Unfortunately, the vast number of options don’t really do much to help confused parents make the right choice. This guide aims to help, however. We have rounded up a few of 2017’s best educational toys for children so you can cut to the chase and just bring home the finest plaything that’s guaranteed to foster your child’s development.

2017 Best Educational Toys for Children

Primo Toys Cubetto Coding Toy
Wooden toys are highly favored by experts and parents alike for their quality, simplicity, and educational value. They may seem very basic, but they encourage the use of your child’s imagination, so they’re always great toy options. They also tend to last a while, so they definitely offer great value for the money.

By combining the tactile nature of toys with the technology of sending commands to a small wooden robot, the Cubetto take things up a notch by offering to teach your child to code. This toy is not your ordinary wooden building blocks or pretend play toy because it can help Cubetto navigate through magical words.

The idea behind this toy is to take coding away from screens, giving it a more tactile and personal appeal to very young children. This toy is actually Montessori-approved for kids aged 3 and above so it can be a nice way to teach primary school kids the basics of coding.
Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit 
Nothing can get more exciting than a toy coming to life. Combine this with the ability to build stuff and you’ve got yourself a solid educational toy like the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit.

This toy kit is a lot like a building blocks toy where you put the parts together to build something. The end product, however, is more exciting than anything else because your pieces are basically circuit parts. So essentially, you’re creating an electronic device by just piecing stuff together.

Every package comes with 30 parts that can create over 100 projects. It’s also fully compatible and expandable with other Snap Circuit kits so it can grow with your kid. The best part? It’s very affordable, so if you want your child to learn more about how electronic stuff works, this can be a great toy for them.
VTech GearZooz™ Roll & Roar Animal Train
Exposing kids to educational toys while they’re still very young is also a great way to get their minds working. With the VTech GearZooz™ Roll & Roar Animal Train, you can do just that as it is compatible with kids aged 1 to 5. 

At first glance, this looks like a regular toy in all its colorful plastic glory. Upon closer inspection, though, you’ll see the challenge. Your little one actually needs to piece the gears together for the train to move smoothly forward. This teaches a bit of engineering and cause and effect relationships. 

Aside from the gears, this toy is also interactive. It can teach your child about different locations and quiz them with some kid-friendly questions.

Challenging and entertaining are two key concepts the best educational toys for children have. If you want to look for more of them, you won’t have a hard time doing so as there are tons out there. Just make sure that they’re age-appropriate so they won’t bore your child.
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Throughout the decades, parents often fret and worry about what’s good for their kids. In the old days, parents worried about their children staying glued to the TV for hours on end. In today’s world, tablets are now the main concern. So parents constantly ask: are iPads good for children?  Despite the simplistic nature of this problem, the answer isn’t really a simple yes or no. It’s a bit more complicated than that. 

For Kids and Parents, iPads Can Be a Good Thing

Playing with iPads and other types of tablets isn’t an absolute evil, just like the game console and the TV. You can actually use the iPad to do some good as it can help kids develop. It all depends on how you use it, and how much you use it.
  • It can be a good thing because in today’s world, kids need to grow up knowing how to use tablets and smartphones. They’re an intrinsic part of adult life, and they can know all about tablets so that as these things become more advanced they can adapt to the new technologies more quickly. 
  • It can help parents calm down children who have nothing better to do. This is especially crucial in very long car trips, because nothing can be as grating as the constant refrain of “Are We There Yet?” while you’re driving. 
  • You can use educational apps with the tablets to help your very young kids learn about simple words and arithmetic. They can learn about the alphabet, basic shapes, and colors. Unlike books, tablets can even show kids what noises animals make, such as barks, meowing, and the moo sounds of cows. 
  • You can also use tablets together with your kids. So you can bond with your children as you also help educate them. 
The key is to make sure that playing with the iPad isn’t the only thing they do. That’s because a child’s development should be more rounded. 

Don’t Let Tablets Become Overused

This can be a problem, because there’s more to childhood than simply fiddling with a tablet. Place some firm time limits. This sort of limit can then help encourage kids to do other things like:
  • Play with other children. One of the main problems with tablets is that overusing them can prevent kids from learning important social skills when they interact with other people, such as other kids. These include knowing about sharing toys, cooperating with kids, and competing with proper manners and sportsmanship. They can play with kids and learn how to settle differences without fighting. 
  • Running around. It’s also important that kids play with a bit more vigor by running around. It’s good exercise for them. 
  • Children can also learn how to amuse themselves without an iPad. If there’s no iPad and they’re alone, they should learn what they can do so they don’t get bored. This makes them a bit more independent and proactive. They can play with action figures and dolls, and this will exercise their imagination. 

So are iPads good for children? Yes, but only up to a point. They can use an iPad to learn simple reading and arithmetic, but don’t forget that they need to learn much more than that!
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​An essential part of life is learning to master our financials. It is a topic that unfortunately is not taught in grade school. Some people aren't taught these valuable lessons at all until they have already made grave mistakes with their money. Learning about assets, liabilities, investments, accounting, etc. can be a little daunting but in this innovative game, becomes a family fun experience.

CASHFLOW for Kids is an interactive board game designed to teach your children about making money. They will learn real world skills, exercising different financial strategies to get through life and what we call the "rat race." Rest assured the information is valuable to your children and something they will be able to apply immediately to their lives. It's eye opening features are all thanks to the guru and businessman himself, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. 

I have to say that the Cashflow (the original) board game inspired my teenage daughter to open up her own Oahu pet services business. So, I highly recommend the Cashflow For Kids an essential board game for your child.
​In reality, we make financial mistakes all the time. It is how we learn to be better and not do the wrong things again. We tend to make bad investments, purchase doodads, etc. but what better way to learn about these costly things than to play a board game, right? No money to lose, only valuable financial experiences to gain. This board game is the safest way to teach kids real life lessons without taking actual risks. 

As parents, we can still learn so much from this game as well. You may have heard a thing or two, but a refresher in the area of money never hurt anyone. Start them young learning skills in the real world and help them to strategize and navigate through obstacles such as assets and liabilities. Recommended age for this board game is 7-14, but you can start your child at any age you think, will be able to comprehend. 

As a firm believer in CASHFLOW games, my husband and I initially bought the regular game for us to play together. We introduced it to our daughter at the age of 6, and she grasped the regular game pretty fine. But, the CASHFLOW For Kids is much more suitable for children and from our family to yours, we highly recommend this game. 
​The result of purchasing CASHFLOW for Kids is much more than fantastic family time; this allows your children to equip themselves with a weapon. Knowledge is their defense which will keep them able to take on the world as they grow older and wiser. The skills and attitudes they gain from this game are truly invaluable. It will help them to survive the rat race.

Whoever says learning about money and financials is easy, is a liar. This board game makes learning these topics fun and being in this type of mindset can make it possible. Don't take just our word for it. Try it out for yourself. Or give this game to a child for Christmas, a birthday, or just because you care. They will thank you for it in the future. The rat race can be a scary place, but with the right tools and knowledge, we can ready our children for anything the world throws at them.
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Learning for yourself or teaching a child (or anyone for that matter) about the world, its oceans, continents, countries, capitals, population, and currency can be, say the least, a challenge. It sounds quite overwhelming if you ask me. Some students have such a hard time remembering all of the worlds continents, oceans, etc. How can we help with that growing problem?

Did you know learning something new can be a lot easier if it's centered in a playful environment? When the pressure is off, and it's more about fun and games, learning this new thing gets shown in a different light. Playful moods also increase creativity and insightful problem-solving.
The Smart Globe Discovery is the perfect educational, fun and unique gift you could give especially to a young child. Openly explore the world through 19 different learning activities. The talking Smart Pen interacts with the globe to teach you about great topics. Challenge yourself, your family, and friends and explore the world like you never have before. 

Manufacturer recommended age is 2-6 years of age, but anyone can learn to love this toy. Anyone with a SmartGlobe Discovery can travel the world without packing a single bag or be purchasing a plane ticket. This fun toy has 3 activity panels, packed with 19 essential and invigilating activities. Not to mention the hours of super informative audio content. It's endless educational entertainment and facts about planet earth can keep a toddler occupied for hours just as it would an adult.
It's as easy as pointing the smart pen anywhere on the map. Play games alone or with family or friends trying to find capitals, states, and continents. It's a challenging game but one that you will learn to love. Explore more than 250 countries. Discover the world, its continents, geography, population, and so much more. The Smart Globe Discovery will be a toy, not just your kids will love but the whole family.